It all starts with our brilliant dashboard…

The PDW HR dashboard gives each user secure & instant access to the information and functions they need.  It’s user friendly, and fully customisable, so users can add or remove widgets and move them to where they want them in seconds.

  • Easy Access & Self Service for Everyone

    Spread the load by letting managers and employees take care of their own records & activities. Using flexible access rights, only allow access to information that you want people to see.

  • Holidays Management

    Easily request holidays or time off. Requests automatically notify the line manager so they won't get missed and require a simple approve or decline. Everyone can see their entitlement so no more calls asking “How many days do I have left?” and no more paper holiday forms! People managers can even see who else in their team is off so they can make informed decisions on what holidays to authorise.

  • Absence Management

    Keep a track on company wide absence to spot any trends and reduce the costs associated with people being off. It's easy to log absence (or get managers to handle it all), add return to work information and attach 'fit for work' notes. Solve the absence issue you maybe never knew you had!

  • Team Management

    Enable Managers to see and update their teams' information. Customise manager access rights so they can only see what you need them to see. Empower your managers by giving them the tools they need to manage their team member information & activities & reduce their admin burden.

  • Customisable Access Rights

    You may only wish to allow managers and employees to see or amend some info. With fully customisable access rights it's easy to set who can do what. You have FULL control.

  • Document Storage

    Cut the need for overflowing filing cabinets, or chaotic shared server drives. With document storage, save all people documents directly to their individual records and do away with the paper copies. Allow everyone to see their documents without having to find them, scan them and send them via email.

  • ON/OFF Boarding Wizard

    Gather all new starter information from the very first moment someone joins your company. Equally, always keep adequate records of when and why someone left. Let the new starter and leaver wizards walk you through what is needed and automatically assign tasks to the relevant people for those jobs that need doing.

  • Tasks and To-Dos

    Automate tasks, set ad hoc tasks and assign tasks to others. No need to use calendars and post it notes. Have everything that you need to do shown in one place. Never miss a task due by date or anything ever again.

  • Reports

    You have all your data, now you want to use it. No more spreadsheet manipulation! PDW HR has a comprehensive list of standard reports to help you get the information you need. From demographics to absence, and objectives set to reviews completed, PDWHR gives you all the insights you need.

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  • Full Audit trails

    PDW HR’s audit trail gives you a full log of all information changes. You will never be in doubt who changed a record or when it was changed.

  • Recruitment Details

    Know exactly how much you are spending on recruitment and where your best people are coming from. Help make the recruitment process as cost effective as possible and help reduce people turnover.

  • Incident Logs and Risk Assessments

    Do away with your Incidents and Accident book and complete employee risk assessments easily all with PDW HR. Have one central Incident log which can be reported on at any time.

……and so much more

We have streamlined PDW HR to enable you to do so many things as easy as….pie.

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