PDW HR allows you to create and complete both annual appraisals and the all important interim reviews.

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The traditional appraisal process involves paper-based reviews of employees’ performance, often carried out by several different managers whose styles may vary.

As a result of the advances in HR technology, this method is now inefficient and risks documents being misplaced or employees’ privacy being violated if their appraisal papers are accidentally seen by other employees.

As the use of technology in HR has increased, some companies have moved to word processing programs such as Microsoft Word to carry out their appraisals. However, this method still lacks a central hub for collating and organising information from appraisals and doesn’t ensure all appraisals are completed using the same template.

PDW HR’s modern, easy-to-use software provides an intuitive, simplified appraisals process by making it easy to set objectives, collate feedback and more. This ensures all employees are subject to the same appraisal process.

Our software makes the process of moving your appraisal systems online easy. It also facilitates the scheduling and recording of regular appraisals, as opposed to the outdated system of employees only having one appraisal per year. As outlined below, there are several advantages of having regular appraisals:

  • Annual appraisals and formal reviews are good as long as you complete interim reviews to track progress and amend objectives throughout the year.
  • Having regular reviews gives both management and employees the chance to discuss progress and keep everyone engaged and on track.
  • As well as interim and formal reviews it is good to give and review feedback. Use PDW HR’s Feedback and Recognition functionality to do just that.

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