• Easily add, drag and drop widgets to exactly where you want them.
  • Administrators, managers and employees all have their own dashboard
  • Easily set it up however you like; no more ‘one size fits all’.
  • Give specific widget access to managers & employees so they can only see what they should be able to.


What is a Customisable HR Dashboard?

Customisable HR Dashboards allow you and all your people to view the data that is most important to each of them.  Each user can add or remove widgets, and drag them to wherever is easiest on the dashboard.


How do PDW HR Customisable Dashboards work and what are the benefits?

PDW HR Customisable dashboards give you the flexibility so see data that is relevant to you at that moment in time. If you are working through appraisal processes then simply add the appraisal widgets to your PDW HR dashboard and drag them to the top.

Customisable dashboards are not just for Administrators. Every user within PDW HR has access to their own personal dashboard which they can set up as they wish. As data protection within HR is very important we have filtered the widget access depending on system access rights so no user will have access to information they should not see.


How to get started with PDW HR Custom Dashboards?

Getting Started with PDW HR Custom Dashboards is simple. From the moment you log in you will have full access so all that is required is for you to choose the data you wish to see and arrange your dashboard accordingly.

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