Requesting a holiday via PDW HR only takes a few clicks

  • Users can easily request holiday leave.
  • Managers can see which team members are on holiday before approving requests.
  • Managers can approve holidays in a couple of clicks.
  • Company, team and individual calendars are automatically updated.
  • Annual leave balances updated and shown on customisable dashboards.
  • Completely remove the need for paper holiday forms or a long winded sign off process


What is Holiday Management Software?

Holiday management software allows users to request holidays from their allowance.  Line managers can then easily approve or decline those requests, all at the touch of a button.  Managers can see remaining holiday entitlements streamlining the entire holiday management process and reducing risk of error.


How does PDW HR Holiday Management Software work and what are the benefits?

Requesting holiday within PDW HR is simple. Self service functionality allows all your people to securely access the system using their unique log in details. Once logged in, employees are able to choose the dates they wish to request and send notification to their holiday approver.

Once a leave request has been submitted, an automatic notification is sent to the employee’s line manager via email. Once notification has been received the approve/decline process is simple. As with all of your employees, managers have their unique access and via this it’s a simple click on approve or decline.

Individual leave requests and approval via PDW HR streamlines the booking process and removes the need for paper based booking forms or adhoc email requests which can be easily missed or lost.

Self service holiday management allows employees to see all information regarding their holiday entitlement. This information is automatically updated depending on holiday request outcomes. Automating and centralising holiday management reduces the risk of incorrect entitlements and unnecessary calls & emails.

Line managers also have a complete view of their teams’ holiday situation allowing them to make an informed decision about approve/decline decisions. Having all information in one place helps reduce the risk of leaving the team headcount low during busy periods.

Holiday entitlement can be easily adjusted via the employee’s record. This can only be done via line manager or administrator access. Amendments in holiday entitlement may come about through change of working hours, length of service, carry forward or TOIL. Having this information available, with breakdown allows both managers and employees know exactly how total entitlement is made up.

PDW HR holiday management software is a secure cloud based system which enables easy access from anywhere as long as there is internet access.

All your holiday data is stored within the cloud. Storing holiday management data in the cloud has many benefits, listed below are just a few:

  • Accessible from anywhere – cloud-based systems such as PDW HR’s are accessible from anywhere with internet access. This allows your remote workers or employees based in different locations to access holiday management information.
  • Security – the security of your employees’ data is a key concern. Our cloud storage has been rigorously tested to ensure your data is as safe as possible.
  • No installation – there is no need for complicated software installations on all internal computers as cloud-based systems can be easily accessed through web browsers. Removing installation reduces the impact on your IT team, cuts system implementation time considerably and in turn saves money.
  • No need for internal servers – the cost of having and maintaining internal servers can be very high. Cloud-based systems remove this cost completely.


How to get started with PDW HR Holiday Management Software?

Getting started is easy. As part of our on boarding process, all holiday entitlements and holidays booked/taken can be loaded in to your system and then it’s just a question of showing everyone how to put in a request, it’s a simple as that.

If you want to get up and running yourself just go to an employee’s record, add their remaining entitlement for this holiday year and use PDW HR to manage holidays from this point onwards.

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