• Easily attach any type of document to individual or bulk people records.
  • Create and share company policy documents via the customisable dashboard.
  • Remove the need for paper people records or central people documents.
  • Make documents easily accessible to all those that need them.
  • Maintain security & confidentiality via access levels & password protection.


What is HR Document  Management Software?

HR document management software is a centralised repository for all your people related documentation.


How does PDW HR Document Management Software work and what are the benefits?

PDW HR allows you to add and save personnel documentation to individual records. Attaching documentation to an individual record within a centralised system allows those that require access the ability to download and view it when required.

People documentation can be attached via the designated documents screen or added from a number of other locations within the system. This documentation will automatically be categorised for ease of use going forward.

As well as personal documentation PDW HR Document Management Software allows you to upload and display company documentation. Creating a central company document library enables all employees to access company related documentation such as an employee handbook and helps to embed company goals and values.

Using PDW HR document management software enables you to work towards becoming paperless. Reducing paper is not only space saving, its much more secure and carbon friendly.

PDW HR document management software is a cloud based system which enables easy access from anywhere as long as there is internet access.

All your documents are stored within the cloud. Storing documentation in the cloud has many benefits, listed below are just a few:

  • Easily accessible – our cloud-based systems can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This means that your remote employees or employees based in different locations can access documents away from the office.
  • No installation needed – our software is accessible via a web browser, meaning there is no need for complicated software installations on all internal computers. This reduces the impact on your IT team, cuts system implementation time considerably and in turn saves money.
  • No need for internal servers – having and maintaining internal servers can be expensive; cloud-based systems such as PDW HR’s remove this cost completely.
  • Security – data security is an increasingly important matter for businesses to consider. PDW HR’s cloud storage has been rigorously tested to ensure your employees’ data and documentation is as safe as possible.


How to get started with PDW HR Document Management Software?

Getting started with PDW HR Document Management software is very straight forward. Once you have completed the employee data during our implementation process you will simply be able to attach the relevant documentation to employee records and company documents.

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