• Extensive standard reporting suite
  • Run and download reports at the click of a button.
  • Turn your data in to powerful visual graphics to share with your company.
  • Include key people data as part of your overall management information.


What is HR Reporting Software?

HR Reporting software is one of the most important parts of the HR system suite. HR reporting software allows you to easily bring together all your people data in a usable format and enables you to make well informed business decisions off the back of this.


How does PDW HR Reporting Software work and what are the benefits?

PDW HR reporting software works by allowing you to choose from a set of predefined reports to extract your people information quickly and easily.

Having reporting functionality makes your people data more powerful. It is very difficult to obtain useful information if it is stored in a number of different locations and formats. PDW HR brings all employee data together in one centralised location and format, reducing the risk of error during data manipulation when merging a number a spreadsheets together.

PDW HR reporting software allows you to export information in to excel and PDF format. Use this functionality to share relevant information within your business to help spot trends and make informed business decisions.


How to get started with PDW HR Reporting Software?

Getting started with PDW HR reporting software is simple. Once your data has been added to the system, which we can help you with via our data load routine which is part of the implementation process, you will be able to run reports straight away at the click of a button.

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