• Create To Do’s so you never forget to complete a task again.
  • Add and assign To Do’s for other people.
  • Create new starter tasks so everything is ready for their first day.


What is Task Management Software?

Task management software brings together all your people related tasks in one place, It removes the need for paper notes and calendar reminders and acts as a checklist of all the tasks that users need complete on a daily basis.


How does PDW HR Task Management Software work and what are the benefits?

PDW HR task management software allows you to create individual tasks for yourself as a prompt for your day to day people related tasks. Your tasks can be viewed directly from your PDW HR dashboard.

As well as ad hoc tasks you are able to create standard new starter tasks via the Onboarding wizard, meaning that everything is ready for a new employee’s first day.

Task management software does not only allow you to create tasks for yourself, it also allows you to create them for others. Easily delegate tasks to others and they will be notified via email as well as being able to view their assigned tasks on their personal dashboard.

Task Management software also creates tasks automatically. If an expiry date is approaching or a milestone if coming up this will be added to your task list meaning you should never miss an important date again.


How to get started with PDW HR Task Management Software?

Getting started with PDW HR Task Management is easy. Simply create new tasks and keep a check on tasks that have been assigned to you from your personal dashboard screen.

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