• Log all booked, ongoing and completed employee training.
  • Add qualification records with automatic notification of approaching expiry dates
  • Report on training costs to work out your ROI.
  • Link training records with performance reviews to get more out of your training investments


What is HR Training Software?

Training software provides a centralised location to store all training & development activity that has been booked, is ongoing or completed.  Developing your people’s the skills, knowledge and behaviours if done properly can increase productivity, retain your people and ultimately improve revenues & reduce costs.  So formalising your training records is a key step in ‘getting serious’ about people training & development.


How does PDW HR Training Software work and what are the benefits?

PDW HR Training Software allows you to log all booked, ongoing or completed training on an individual employee record. By storing all training information you are easily able to extract information such at training costs for the organisation, and by department, team or individual.

Each training record has completion and expiry date information, along with a summary of what has been completed.  By keeping a record of this you are able to make sure you have the correct training in place to be compliant in areas such as H&S, First Aid.  Robust training & development records are also a key part of being awarded recognised standards such as ‘Investors in People’ accreditations.

PDW HR training software also enables you to store and report on all qualifications employees hold. When recruiting, you can report on current organisational gaps in terms of capability & qualifications using PDW HR training and reporting software.


How to get started with PDW HR Training Software?

Getting started with PDW HR Training software is easy. During your implementation process we will help to import all previous and current training and qualification information. Once all your employees have been added to PDW HR you simply click to add training and qualifications to their record.

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