Employee performance management software

  • Add in job specs, values and competency standards
  • Set objectives, targets & projects for people effectively.
  • Easily start and complete interim & annual performance reviews.
  • Create job role specific reviews to fit in with individual job role needs.
  • Extract performance management data via a simple reporting tool.
  • Remove the need for paper with the completely paperless review process.


What is Performance Management Software?

We know how challenging it can be for organisations to ensure there is a robust performance management process that is easy to use and bought into by all.

Many of our clients had a ‘typical’ appraisal processes – paper based, or word/excel based forms, emailed between individuals with little overall congruence of standards or deadlines for completion. There was often no overall view by the board or central HR function to ensure quality standards and process deadlines are adhered to either.

Our Performance Management Software aims to solve these challenges. It’s easy to setup and use, cost effective and wonderfully intuitive, it can revolutionise the way your business manages and maximises performance.

Simply bursting with useful features, PDW HR Performance Management Software will enable publishing of company direction, effective setting of objectives, documenting of reviews, collation of feedback, and much more.


How does PDW HR Performance Management Software work?

PDW HR Performance Management software allows you to set up annual and interim performance reviews. These are equivalent to appraisals, as a review of performance and can be as simple as a record of a conversation, through to an assessment of company values and competencies (behaviours).

Performance management software works by setting clear goals (objectives and development goals) for employees in the system. These can then be reviewed throughout a year by assessing completion levels and quality on an interim basis.

In addition to interim reviews, a formal appraisal can be conducted and properly documented annually to assess an employee’s overall performance. These reviews allow the employee to assess their own performance first, going through areas like company values, behavioural competencies (specific to their job role), their objectives and their aspirations.

Extracting meaningful performance data and bringing different information together can be extremely time consuming and often difficult.  Not only does PDW HR create a congruent performance management process across your entire company, it also allows you to easily extract the data in a usable format.


What are the benefits of Performance Management Software?

PDW HR performance management software is a cloud based system which enables easy access from anywhere as long as there is internet access.

All your performance data is stored within the cloud. Storing performance management data in the cloud has many benefits, listed below are just a few:

  • Cloud-based systems are accessible from anywhere with internet connection, allowing your remote workers or employees based in different locations to access performance management information.  Although we recommend conducting reviews and appraisals face to face we understand that sometimes this can’t always take place.
  • No need for internal servers – cloud-based systems remove the need for internal servers, which can be expensive to have and maintain.
  • Security – data security is a major aspect to consider with regards to your people and performance data. PDW HR’s cloud-based storage has been rigorously tested to make sure your data is as safe as it can be.
  • No installation – as cloud-based systems are accessible via a web browser there is no need for complicated software installations on all internal computers. Removing installation reduces the impact on your IT team, cuts system implementation time considerably and in turn saves money.
  • Congruence and standards – performance management software provides easy-to-use templates and a simple process that ensures users know what to do, by when. It means users and managers are more likely to complete tasks such as setting objectives and documenting feedback to a much higher standard.
  • Central visibility – whether it’s your HR team, the board or heads of department, PDW HR Premium gives you the visibility on who has done what, when and how, and identifies gaps and trends which means you can identify issues and fix them more easily.


How to get started with PDW HR Performance Management Software?

Getting started with PDW HR performance management software is quick and simple. As part of your implementation project we will take the through all the steps required. If you wish to complete the setup yourself you will have unrestricted access to our help desk to guide you.

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