HR software comes in many different shapes and sizes. When choosing the right HR system for your company there are many different factors to consider such as…..cost, functionality, look and feel, security & support.

At PDW HR we have created a great all round system that ticks all the boxes.

There are a few well known sayings along the lines of “You get what you pay for”. At PDW HR we don’t believe that is always the case. The cost of HR software varies massively from the free or freemium offerings to systems costing thousands and thousands of £££££’s per year (and that’s not including some of the hidden extras). The PDW pricing method is simple and enables HR software to be accessible to all.

Free and Freemium pricing is there to entice you in. On face value it looks like you are getting everything you would ever need from an HR system but once you start using it you will normally find those extra little bits of functionality that are required are not “not available on this package”. A prime example of this is reporting. There are many free HR systems that you can add all the employee data to that you like but then when it comes to producing that report for the Directors or finding out who is off this month, you cant!

PDW HR’s pricing is as little as £1 per employee per month. The Premium package is just £2 per employee per month, which includes all functionality and all future developments. We will never ask you for more money for that ‘add on’ we have developed.


Sometimes bigger isn’t better! When choosing an HR system you really need to consider exactly what it is that you need now and what you will need going forward. Within the world of HR software there is usually a direct relation between functionality and cost, the more add on’s and the bigger the system the more it costs. PDW HR breaks this trend by offering all current functionality and future developments at the price you initially sign up at. PDW HR is designed to give you all the functionality you need whilst keeping things simple. You can review just a taster of PDW HR’s features and functionality here however the best way to get a a true feel of what is on offer is to sign up for a FREE trial or a demonstration from one of our experts.

Look & Feel…

Using an HR system that looks like it has been designed in the 80’s never fills anyone with confidence. Having a dated looking system sets alarm bells ringing around functionality and how secure it is (especially now we all have GDPR to consider). If people dont like what they see then employee buy-in can be significantly harder to achieve. PDW HR has been designed to look modern and clean as well as being easy to use.


GDPR and System security is a MASSIVE consideration when choosing your new HR system. You must be 100% sure that the system selected complies with all regulations or you could be liable for big fines. PDW HR is built using the latest web technologies and our applications have been rigorously tested by external security experts to make sure your company and people information is a secure as it can be. All data within PDW HR is stored within the EEA and is hosted by Rackspace. See why we have chosen Rackspace here.


When using any system you may find that there is the odd occasions where a little assistance is needed. You may be surprised to find that not all HR systems offer dedicated support channels. At PDW HR you always have access to the self service helpdesk and if you still need assistance we are on hand to answer any questions during working hours.

  • Functionality designed around whats really needed.
  • One of the most cost effective offerings on the market.
  • Modern and easy to use design.
  • Secure system with data stored in the EEU.
  • Support if and when you need it.

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