For small and medium-sized businesses, getting the best out of your employees is of the highest importance. Therefore it’s vital that performance management, appraisals and absence management are as well organised as possible as smaller businesses cannot afford to be inefficient.

PDW HR provide easy-to-use, intuitive HR software to help small and medium-sized businesses easily manage a range of HR tasks, from staff performance and appraisal management to holiday and absence management.

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We recognise that in smaller businesses, time is of the essence and human resources teams may often be stretched. That’s why it’s vital that HR processes are as streamlined and simplified as possible.

By collating all HR processes in one central online hub, information can be easily seen by all the relevant people in a business – no more complex paper trails or email chains, or paper documents being lost.

The thought of moving all your HR processes online can be a daunting one, particularly for people who are less experienced with technology.

However, our competitively priced software makes this process easy, replacing traditional pen-and-paper methods with secure cloud-based systems. Accessible via web browsers, our software is easy to set up, requiring no installation or data servers.

In addition, though our software is accessible to all levels of technological expertise, a helpdesk and technical support are on hand to assist should you run into any questions.

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